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Chocolate Roses Fundraiser

$225 per case (Free Shipping and Handling)

Chocolate Roses

1 Case Minimum: $225 each
2-4 Cases: $220 each
5-9 Cases: $215 each

Each master case contains 10 inner carrying cases of 36 for a total of 360 lollipops. Colors can be ordered in inner packs of 36 each if you need to change colors. (Extra time may be needed to fill specialized orders.)

Master Case: 10 Carriers of 36 (360 Total)
Size: 0.8 oz Solid Lollipops on long 8" Sticks individually wrapped in a clear cellophone bag with a colored tie.
Order Custom Colors/Flavors: If you choose your own colors/flavors, allow 2 extra days.
Type of Chocolate: Milk & White Chocolate
Colors: Chocolate, White, Red and Pink
Ties: Red


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